Public Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer

The public is hereby informed that the brand name and registered trademark of AJCL (Private) Limited, i.e. “AJCL” is being misused by several parties purporting to be associated with our company, which has resulted in confusion and misidentification of AJCL (Private) Limited with such parties.

It is notified that AJCL (Private) Limited is an independent company and is not connected in any way with nor has any affiliation of any nature with (i) Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited, (ii) Ahmed Jaffer & Company (Private) Limited, (iii) Jafferjees (Private) Limited, (iv) SM Jaffer Private Limited and (v) AJCL Travel & Tours etc.

We have the exclusive right to use the trademark i.e. “AJCL” and the aforementioned companies are not authorized in any manner whatsoever to use the “AJCL” trademark or associate themselves with our company in any manner whatsoever.

All information published on this website is in respect of AJCL (Private) Limited and no other entity.

If any clarification is required in connection with the above, please feel free to contact us by email at ajcl.khi@ajcl.net.