AJCL – Linking Pakistan to the world since 1947. Originally, the firm was a part of the larger Jaffer Group of Companies which had diverse manufacturing interests prior to act of nationalization by the Government of Pakistan. Over the passage of time,  AJCL is now exclusively a trading and  project management company with specialized business divisions led by a management team with over 150 years of combined experience.  

At the same time, we continue to adhere to the values of our founder chairman and namesake of our company, Mr. Ahmed Jaffer, who was himself a great statesman and ambassador for Pakistan. He envisioned his company as fulfilling a unique role in not only representing Pakistan abroad but also in introducing the world to Pakistan. Please click here to see a rare picture of Ahmed Jaffer who organized a one of a kind floating exhibition of Pakistani products which he took to the Arabian Gulf ports in 1963. Through our business initiatives, AJCL has remained dedicated to this philosophy. Our long-lasting partnerships with leading Pakistani and International companies provide the perfect testimony to this ideal. 

In fact, the firm’s business activities predate its eventual incorporation in Pakistan and can trace their roots back to the 1800s in pre-partition India. Business & Trading runs in the veins of the Jaffer family, please click here to see a rare picture of the "Jaffer Jussuff shop in the late 1830's in Pune India.” Building upon thid herritage we have diversified general products into more value added products.

At AJCL we value our long and vibrant history, but recognize that our most important historical attribute is our commitment to a tradition of innovation and advancement. It is for this reason that, after more than fifty years, we continue to remain at the forefront of Pakistani trade and are able to continuously expand our portfolio of activities, thereby ensuring uninterrupted growth for an even richer history in the future. AJCL – Linking Pakistan to the world since 1947.


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