Ahmed. E. H. Jaffer (09th August 1909 – 02nd February 1990) was the founder and visionary chairman of our company. To read more about this distinguished personality, please email us to receive a complimentary copy of his biography titled: “Ahmed E. H. Jaffer and the Making of Pakistan,” first edition November 2001.
Tracking its links back to pre-partetion India and the initial years following independence, AJCL was incorporated in 1949 as a trading organization that would provide valuable services to the Pakistani economy through the import and export of required products. Since those early days, we have adapted to changes in regulation, government policies, currency fluctuations and other adverse shocks to grow into a diverse trading company with well established links worldwide that allow us to service the needs of our customers.

We also regularly consult and assist foreign companies seeking to do business in Pakistan, leveraging our traditional supply relationships, our in-depth market knowledge and our intimate familiarity with the preferences of Pakistani customers. Our experiences allow us to structure the best solution for each transaction and effectively manage the entire process from visualization to completion.
The company is a founding member of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, The Pakistan-France, Pakistan-German, Pakistan-Italy and Pakistan-Japan Business Forums and Alliances.

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