Following the traditions of the Jaffer Family, AJCL espouses community-building initiatives towards sustainable development.  Our business divisions strive to attain solid growth with tangible results that permit us to give back to the community from which we gain so much.
We recognize the importance of a sound education in developing good values, morals and strong leadership for the future. In fact, emphasis on quality education has been a corner stone of the Jaffer Family’s contributions in the subcontinent even before the creation of Pakistan. 
In more recent years our support for educational causes has led to empowerment and community uplift by providing our citizens a strong platform for growth. Our efforts enable under privileged communities of Pakistan including the tribal areas to move away from radicalization and militancy thereby helping them to be the catalysts for positive change.
The principal focus of Ahmed E. H. Jaffer Foundation (a non-profit organization) is in establishing "The Hub School," an institution of excellence that invests in nurturing future leaders. The Foundation is established in memory of a family scion, a renowned statesman, who worked tirelessly with the Founder of Pakistan.  He campaigned extensively for pressing humanitarian needs of the time including refugee affairs, human rights and disarmament; and passionately promoted cultural understanding, education within the under privileged communities and sports.  In recognition of his services to the global community, he received numerous decorations from numerous foreign governments. 
Besides the ongoing community development initiatives, we actively contributed to relief and rehabilitation efforts that have helped victims of natural calamities and human tragedies to return to their normal daily activites.  
We regularly contribute to leading NGOs of Pakistan that have sustainable initiatives serving the welfare of the less fortunate. Potential partners who share our principles of humanitarian assistance are assessed and supported over an agreed period. Outcomes are regularly measured for impact.  Besides financial contributions, members of our organization volunteer their time to further the goals of these NGOs.  To this end, we work with registered charities and institutions promoting education, health, humanitarian assistance, and sports.

[1] Sir Ebrahim Haroon Jaffer Educational Trust, Pune – India, established 1907

[2] Ahmed E. H. Jaffer and the Making of Pakistan Farishta M. Dinshaw Nov 2011 (Biography)

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•  Ahmed E. H. Jaffer Foundation: The Hub School

A school to prepare boys and girls for a life of leadership, service and personal fulfillment. The goal is to promote independence of thought, respect for others, creativity and responsibility.

• Prince Aly Boys and Mohammedi Girls Academy

A boarding school for underprivileged members of society, orphans, members of minority sects, and the northern areas of Pakistan to help them obtain a secular, western based education and to integrate with the wider world.

• The Citizens Foundation
A charity that provides quality education to underprivileged children, promotes gender equality and advocates reform of public education.

• Muslim ladies technical Institute: Teaching technical &
vocational skills to women.
• The Aga Khan Hospital & Medical College Foundation

Education, research, capital projects and contributing to positive solutions for improving society.

• The Kidney Center

A medical facility providing comprehensive and quality renal care to poor patients

• The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust

Committed to creating a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness and other eye elements.

• Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre

MALC is working for leprosy elimination, tuberculosis, blindness control and community development in remote areas along with relief and rehabilitation to the poor and needy people affected by natural and man-made calamities.

• Patients Behbood Society of the Aga Khan University Hospital.

A fund to help needy and disadvantaged members of society who are unable to gain access or to pay for quality health care, with the aim to provide them with financial support rather than handouts.
• The Patients' Welfare Association of the Murshid Hospital &
Healthcare Centre.
A fund for the health care and treatment of disadvantaged people living in Karachi.
• Shaukat Khanum Memorial cancer Hospital & Research Centre

This hospital and research center has established itself as a center of excellence providing comprehensive care free of cost to thousands of indigent cancer patients.
• Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation
Providing free, comprehensive and modern medical facilities in urology, nephrology, liver disease, related cancers and transplantation along with training, research and public awareness.


• Edhi Foundation

Providing relief within distressed areas of Pakistan and in other countries including medical care, emergency services, mental habitats, old homes, children welfare services, abused women safe houses and shelter for destitute

• Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) 

An international group of agencies to complement the provision of emergency relief, principally in the developing world. It helps people in need reduce their dependence on humanitarian aid and facilitates their transition to sustainable self-reliant, long-term development.

• The Presidents Relief Fund for the Pakistan Earthquake

A major earthquake registering a moment magnitude of 7.6 making it similar in size to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake with official death toll of 75,000. US Marine and Army helicopters quickly flew aid into the devastated region. International aid teams from around the world came to the region to assist in relief.

Sports & the Jaffer Pavillion:

• The Aga Khan Youth & Sports Board

Providing minorities, and all members of society with a social outlet for their activities channeling them in a focused and positive manner.



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