We are proud of our roots and are committed to exporting the best from Pakistan. Recognizing that Pakistan is largely an agrarian economy we have revitalized our commodities division, diversifying it to mirror the composite nature of our agriculture base.

Traditionally, AJCL has been active in the basic raw materials necessary for growth. We have longstanding relationships with some of the leading producers of rice sugar, wheat etc. Recently, we have created new opportunities by developing innovative marketing strategies that have allowed us to capture significant market share in the derivatives made from these products such as ethanol, flour, coke etc. We are further expanding our commitments to not only the public sector but also to leverage our expertise for the benefit of the private sector in Pakistan on whose behalf we regularly import and export their products worldwide.

In the future we hope to grow along with Pakistan and identify even more opportunities to serve our Nation.

On behalf of Principals, Producers and Trading Partners around the world AJCL is currently actively involved in the indenting, import and export of several commodities such as ethanol, cement, sugar, fertilizer, rice and wheat.


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